Admissions Info

evo-blake1Welcome to Evolutions Treatment Center! The Evolutions Treatment Center admissions team is well versed in evaluating your specific needs and will complete an assessment prior to admission into our residential drug rehab program. We are set apart from other recovery programs in that we care for only a small number of clients at a time, which gives you the personal time and attention you need. Our Primary Care Program has a variable length of stay with a minimum commitment of 30 to 90 days, based on your individual needs. Although the program is based on this structure, there is some flexibility and additional time is available for each individual depending on their specific needs and challenges.

With our expertise in providing clients with successful addiction treatment programs, Evolutions Treatment Center is aware of the challenges surrounding those who struggle with addiction to achieve long-lasting sobriety. Our residential drug rehab will address these unique issues through individualized treatment plans that combine comprehensive treatment services and therapy methods.

Evolutions Treatment Center - PoolOur staff takes the extra measures needed to ensure our clients are cared for in a safe, nurturing atmosphere where issues with substance abuse can be worked through over their time in residential drug rehab here at our luxury treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We go the extra mile to make our clients feel they are treated respect and dignity as we help them with the transition from drug and alcohol addiction treatment back into the real world. Through the programs at Evolutions Treatment Center, our clients learn ways to avoid relapse and abstain from drugs and alcohol which can be used in all different life situations to ultimately empower and strengthen their sobriety.

We accept most types of commercial health insurance and will work with your insurance carrier to maximize the treatment they will allow. Our goal is to ensure that every Client gets the help they need regardless of circumstances.

Please call one of our admissions specialists now at 866-771-7091 and they will answer any questions you might have in confidence. Someone is available to speak with you 24/7/365. We look forward to helping you start your recovery journey.

Blake Cohen
Admissions Director/ Certified Addiction Professional