A Biopsychosocial Analysis Enhances Treatment for Addiction


Individualized treatment planning begins before a Client even steps foot on-site at our facility. Our comprehensive biopsychosocial analysis starts with a pre-screening survey administered prior to admission. This ensures that our areas of expertise align with the prospective Client’s addiction treatment needs. Once it has been determined that the Client and Evolutions are a good fit, we proceed to the next series of steps designed to create a living, accurate profile of each Client enabling us to craft an individualized treatment plan.

These steps include:

  • Psychological testing
  • Personality testing
  • Cognitive inventories
  • Substance abuse inventories
  • Family assessment

With the Client’s permission, we gather information from a family member or members in order to further develop a history based on what these familial observers have witnessed and experienced relative to the new Client’s alcohol or substance abuse. The steps indicated all fall under a sub-category of Psychological testing/assessment that can be facilitated as needed and recommended. We do not do that for everybody automatically as part of the bio-psych, as they are driven by the need to assess further after an initial stabilization period.

Individualized planning begins before a Client arrives at our facility.

These tests, assessments, inventories and interviews help paint a picture of the cultural, medical, environmental, historical, and professionally-diagnosed mental health stressors which may have driven our Client to substance abuse. Using the Biopsychosocial Analysis, in tandem with the Nursing Assessment, Psychiatrist’s Evaluation, history and physical, we create a fully integrative assessment that summarizes all the pertinent factors that will go into creating and administering each Client’s journey toward recovery.