Outpatient Ambulatory Detoxification Program

At Evolutions Treatment Center we are licensed by the Department of Children and Families to offer outpatient ambulatory detoxification treatment for those patients who are experiencing medical and physiological withdrawal yet are stable enough not to require residential or inpatient detox. We offer a supportive detox environment intended to provide medical stabilization and emotional support while fostering a seamless path to continued recovery via one of our other levels of care for those willing to accept recommendations of continued treatment.  When appropriate this level of detox treatment can offer substantial benefits in that participants are able to be introduced into treatment while being stabilized with the least amount of medications necessary to safely overcome the withdrawal process without the additional financial and time commitment involved in attending a higher level of care.  Those recovering from a brief relapse or mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal may benefit from this level of care without the need to attend inpatient detoxification.

Dr. Leddi Fraser speaks with a prospective Outpatient Ambulatory Detoxification patient.

Length of detox care is between five to fourteen days as determined on an individual basis by assessed medical necessity criteria. Patients in our detox program will be evaluated by one of our staff psychiatrists on a daily basis in order to continually assess signs and symptoms of withdrawal and manage medication accordingly.

All patients seeking to enter one of Evolutions Treatment programs will be asked to engage in a pre-assessment to help determine the need for detox and the level of care required.

Those clients needing an inpatient detox setting due to severity or comorbidity issues will be referred to an appropriate and reputable facility, which it will be our pleasure to guide one through.  In order to determine the level of detox required, we utilize ASAM criteria. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), this criteria is the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for admission placement, continued stay, and transfer or discharge of patients within addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment. The ASAM criteria have been utilized since 1991 and are currently in the third edition (2013). Evolutions strives to utilize best practices and the objective medical criteria guidelines offered by the ASAM criteria allow us to do so.

The ASAM criteria for outpatient ambulatory detoxification include the following.

Dimension I: Acute Alcohol and/or Other Drug Intoxication and/or Withdrawal Potential

The patient’s status in this dimension is characterized by one of the following:

A) The patient is experiencing at least mild signs and symptoms of withdrawal, or there is evidence that withdrawal is imminent. The patient is assessed as being at minimal risk for severe withdrawal syndrome and can be safely managed at this level; or

B) The patient has withdrawal symptoms, but is at minimal risk of severe withdrawal syndrome and is assessed as likely to complete needed detoxification and enter into continued treatment or self-help recovery, as evidenced by meeting (1) or (2) or (3) below:

  1. The patient has an adequate understanding of and expressed commitment to enter ambulatory detoxification services; or
  2. The patient has adequate support services to ensure commitment to completion of detoxification and entry into ongoing treatment or recovery, or
  3. The patient is willing to accept recommendations for treatment

C) For patients whose withdrawal symptoms are no more severe than those in section (A), the patient has, and responds to, emotional support and comfort.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Outpatient Ambulatory Detoxification license and process. We accept most types of Insurance, but can not accept Medicare or Medicaid.