Family Dynamics and the Recovery Process

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we understand that it is not easy having a loved one who is in the throes of addiction. We also understand that addiction does not occur in a vacuum. It affects everyone around the addicted, and can cause relationship problems that are not easy to overcome.

evo-famWe encourage family members to make scheduled visits on weekends, as well as meet our counselors and participate in family therapy sessions. Evolutions is committed to supporting the family during treatment of their loved one. We provide on-site family counseling sessions, both group and one-on-one. Our highly skilled counselors will work with you and your loved ones to achieve mutual understanding and forgiveness. Therapy sessions will enable you to learn first-hand, how your addiction affected your family members and what you can do now to heal old wounds. At Evolutions, we are dedicated to our Clients and their families moving forward in positive ways. There is no room for blame or shame or criticism. It’s about becoming free of your addiction and taking back your life.

We know what you are going through and we can help. In fact, you will likely need help. There are no easy answers; however there are skills and knowledge we can provide to you. To that end, we invite family members to enjoy scheduled visits on weekends, as well as meeting our counselors and participating in family therapy sessions if they wish.