Alcohol: Long-Term Addiction Program

Long-Term Alcohol Addiction ProgramAlcoholics face overwhelming pressure in a society full of enticing advertisements and temptations. One of the most widely studied diseases, alcohol abuse damages the brain stirring negative emotions and crippling health issues.

Though alcohol addiction is a widespread epidemic, every person’s experience is different. There is no singular cause; however, with the correct help and personal drive, long-term addictions can be successfully treated.

The Evolutions Treatment Center is a Florida-based luxury residential alcohol rehab with personalized and adaptable programs for optimal patient care. Whether an individual is seeking outpatient, inpatient, short- or long-term care, the objective is to create a personalized alcohol addiction treatment plan that is most effective.

Why Choose A Long-Term Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Florida?

In pursuit of successful treatment, it’s best to select an option that will perfectly suit the individual, while offering the best care. While short-term programs cover the most important components of alcohol rehabilitation, long-term programs are more extensive and considered to have the best success rate. For patients with prolonged alcohol abuse or a heavy reliance on drinking, the road to recovery may require longer, more adaptable treatment in order to reach sobriety.

Long-term programs are comprehensive  alcohol rehabilitation plans where patients participate in sessions for a period of three months or more. Patients will experience round-the-clock care as well as access to several therapy sessions, treatment services, and other resources.

The additional time allows for treatment to grow and change with the patient during his or her stay at our Ft. Lauderdale luxury alcohol rehab center. Though the time dedication takes commitment, the outcome could provide a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Long-Term Alcohol Addiction Recovery Process

After choosing a long-term alcohol rehab program, patients must complete the intake process. They meet with the intake coordinator to assess the severity of their situation and create a customized treatment for alcohol addiction including a tentative outline. This outline is a patient-specific step-by-step program where a patient must work through various levels toward recovery.

After assessing the individual, he or she will participate in treatments for several hours each day, seven days per week. As patients progress, they will graduate to the next level, which increases exposure and re-integration into the community. From there, the parameters of the program adapt to fit a person’s needs. The alcohol addiction treatment center provides a safe, stable and temptation-free environment to nurture inhabitants toward sobriety.

If you or someone you love would like to learn more about long-term alcohol addiction treatment or other forms of addiction treatment, contact us today.