Drug Addiction: Long Term Rehab Program

Long-Term Drug Addiction ProgramWhen seeking treatment for drug addiction, it’s imperative to consider a patient’s unique circumstances. Drug addiction is a complex disease, wherein prolonged use can have harmful consequences. Heavy and repetitive usage of drugs, including opiates, marijuana, and cocaine can have devastating effects and chronic repercussions if left untreated.

The Evolutions Treatment Center is a Florida-based luxury addiction rehab center with personalized and adaptable programs for optimal patient care. Whether an individual is seeking outpatient, inpatient, short or long-term care, the objective is to create a personalized drug addiction treatment that is most effective for him or her.

Long-Term Drug Addiction Treatment in Florida

When seeking treatment, it’s best to select an option that will perfectly suit the individual, while offering the best possible care. While short-term programs cover the most important components of rehabilitation, long-term programs are more extensive and considered to have the best success rate.

For patients suffering from extended opiate addiction, or years of substance abuse, the road to recovery may require longer, more adaptable treatment to progress.

Long-term programs offer drug addiction treatment plans where patients participate in sessions for a period of three months or more. Patients will experience comprehensive  care as well as access to several therapy sessions, treatment services, and other resources on a daily basis. The additional time allows for treatment to grow and change with the patient during his or her stay at the Florida drug rehab center.

Long-Term Addiction Recovery Process

After choosing a long-term drug rehabilitation program, patients must complete the intake process. They meet with the intake coordinator to assess the severity of their situation and create a customized treatment plan for drug addiction that includes a tentative outline. The substance abuse treatment plan is a graduated program wherein a patient progresses through various levels of care in order to recover.

After assessing the individual, he or she will participate in treatments for several hours each day, seven days per week. As a patient progresses, he or she will graduate to the next step which increases time in group sessions and exposure to real life experiences in which to practice implementing that which has been learned therapeutically. From there, the parameters of the program adapt to fit a person’s needs. While the time dedication takes commitment, the drug addiction treatment center provides a safe, stable and drug-free environment to nurture individuals  toward sobriety.

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