Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services

Evolutions provides comprehensive addiction treatment services from thorough physical and psychological evaluations to intensive psychotherapies to aftercare programs designed to help Clients stay sober post treatment. We leave no stone unturned and take a thorough, no-nonsense approach to recovery.

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A Holistic Approach to Treatment

Holistic treatment activities at Evolutions help our Clients identify and work through emotions that might not otherwise present themselves in ordinary day-to-day or traditional therapeutic activities. This makes our holistic approaches key pieces in many of our Clients’ rehabilitation and recovery processes.

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12 Step and SMART 4 Point Recovery with Dr Leslie Frasier

Addiction and Relapse Prevention

Dr Boutrouille discusses the Neurochemistry of Addiction and Relapse Prevention. Topics include drug addiction as well as alcohol addiction.

Substance Use Disorders

Evolutions Treatment Center Ft Lauderdale CEO Dr. Jeff Huttman discusses the current state of substance abuse in the United States. Topics include Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse including Heroin Addiction and the Education needed to help those who suffer from a substance use disorder.

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Addiction & Rehab Topics With Doctor Jeff Huttman & Blake Cohen – FB Live Top 10’s!