A Physician’s Review Is a Key Part of the Addiction Treatment Process

evo-physrevThe Evolutions team of medical professionals conducts a regular Physician’s Review in order to observe and work with each Client individually and to ensure they receive consistently excellent care. Daily rounds are spearheaded by one of our licensed clinical psychologists, and supplemented by a staff psychiatrist and medical doctor.

This multidisciplinary approach allows for diverse perspectives, along with astute observation from different areas of concentration. While we’re working with our Clients, we work with each other in order to ensure that we are continuously optimizing the treatment and care of each individual Client.

A multidisciplinary approach allows for diverse perspectives and astute observations from different areas of concentration.

Our medical and mental health professionals will work with both the Nursing Assessment, the Psychiatric Evaluation and the Client’s full medical history as they review and revise treatment plans. They also recognize that Clients are not static individuals. As Clients adjust to the Evolutions Treatment Center setting, they grow and change, and subsequently respond to treatment and stimuli in ways they may not have anticipated. As such, treatment can and often must be evolving. Therefore, it is the responsibility of our team to be supportive, nurturing, observant and proactive in order to ensure that our Clients are comfortable and secure in the treatment they receive.