Co-Occurring Addiction & Mental Health: Short Term Program

Short-Term Co-Occurring Addiction & Mental Health ProgramWhen an individual is struggling with a substance abuse addiction combined with a mental health disorder, proper treatment plans are essential for success. Our Florida-based Evolutions Treatment Center is an addiction rehabilitation center with a variety of “customizable” programs for optimal care, including ones targeting co-occurring rehabilitation.

When a person turns to addictive substances, a common underlying issue may be linked with a troubling mental illness. Untreated disorders like PTSD, depression, or anxiety can drive an individual to medicate the problem with drugs and alcohol.

When stacked together, co-occurring addiction and mental disorders can create additional issues that make the climb to recovery far more difficult if not properly addressed. In a specialized drug and alcohol treatment center, sobriety efforts revolve around a patient’s unique background to achieve the most ideal treatment.

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What is Short-Term Co-Occurring Treatment?

When considering a long-term or short-term drug or alcohol treatment plan, the patient’s specific needs are crucial for success. Long-term luxury addiction treatment, though one of the best recovery strategies, may not be the correct choice for every individual. When deciding on a program, time constraints and flexibility may be key factors for a patient who cannot be away for several months.

A short-term substance abuse treatment program, combined with our top-level disorder treatment, provides daily comprehensive therapeutic services that lasts between four to six weeks . During this limited time, patients will experience intensive care and supervision.

The program provides a safe, temptation-free environment for those wishing to avoid overwhelming outer influences. Though shorter, these sessions involve intense treatments lasting six hours or longer that can be effective for certain individuals. These Florida facility based co-occurring rehab programs have a high level of customization potential and could benefit individuals wanting a fresh, sober start.

Short-Term Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Process

In conjunction with other forms of addiction treatment, the short-term co-occurring program can prove to be very effective. The intense process involves an initial assessment with the intake coordinator. Following a customized program based on the severity of addiction, patients may begin with a detox to eliminate the chance for intense withdrawals during treatment.

Co-occurring treatment focuses on a strong basis in psychotherapy and individual, one-on-one counseling. This approach helps patients confront the factors that led to substance abuse, allowing for an opportunity to get proper treatment and work past their addiction to ensure a life of sobriety.

Following this discovery, the short-term drug addiction program includes other offerings that also focus on co-occurring mental disorders, including group therapy, life skills training, family therapy, and other staple sessions. This helps ensure a safe entrance back into a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.