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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Programs

Evolutions Treatment Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and its drug and alcohol addiction treatment program was created and is staffed by physicians, psychologists and addiction treatment professionals with expertise in clinical psychology, neuropsychiatry and medicine that helps with combating dependency. All of our staff are credentialed experts in addiction and co-occurring disorders. We are a small independently-owned and operated treatment facility and treat patients from around the world. Read more about why our alcohol and drug addiction programs are different…

Co-Occurring Treatment In Comfort

When a patient’s addiction is found to be linked-to underlying mental health illness, our clinical co-occurring treatment focuses on assessment and diagnosis, psychotherapy, psychiatrist services, and individual counseling. Our doctors help patients to understand the core factors that led to substance abuse, which helps guide initial treatment, stabilization, and ongoing relapse prevention. Our safe and luxurious residence offers numerous recreational and upscale amenities to provide recovery in comfort, but the mental health gains fostered by our expert clinical staff is what helps our patients succeed.

Comprehensive Addiction Services

Evolutions Treatment Center provides comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction and dependency treatment services, including thorough physical and psychological evaluations used to guide individual needs, detoxification and rehabilitation, and intensive psychotherapies, leading-to aftercare programs designed to help clients stay sober post-treatment and avoid relapse. From our clinical evidence-based treatment therapies to our range of holistic treatment approaches, we focus on healing the mind, body and the spirit and take a thorough, no-nonsense approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Read an overview of our addiction services here…

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Evolving the Treatment of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

At Evolutions Treatment Center of Florida, we’ve painstakingly developed our approach to drug and alcohol treatment to give our clients a better chance at a full, healthy recovery. Here, we believe that one size does not fit all, and that just as every person is unique, so too is each person’s path to sobriety. This drives us to embrace innovative new forms of addiction treatment and recovery as well as traditional time-tested techniques to address alcoholism and dependency on drugs. Our wider treatment options and greater individualization increases the effectiveness of care and improves one’s chances for a true and lasting recovery.

An Evolution in Addiction Treatment is Underway

The neuroscience of addiction and the search for new ways to combat dependency has been growing exponentially and Evolutions is at the forefront of that growth. We believe that while 12-step-based recovery models can be effective for some, many newer forms of cognitive behavioral therapies, medicines, and other approaches to treatment can prove highly effective when carefully and thoughtfully administered. Our larger “treatment toolbox” gives our clients every opportunity to benefit from the latest, safest, and most promising addiction treatment innovations.


We Are Leading an Evolution in Client Commitment

Evolutions is a mission-driven organization. Every thing we do, every action we take, happens with each client’s unique needs in mind. We are focused on ensuring that each and every one of our valued clients receives the treatment for addiction that best meets her or his specific needs. It is also very important to us that clients feel safe, hopeful, and completely at peace while in our care. To this end, Evolutions provides a tranquil, calming, and luxurious setting in tropical Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in which to recover, recuperate, and rejoice in the healthful process of addiction recovery.

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Evolutions Treatment Center is proudly In-Network with Aetna, Beacon Health Options (formerly Value Options), First Health, Magellan Health Services and  AvMed for their HMO and PPO coverage.

We are Tricare Providers.

Evolutions also accepts most insurance plans with Out of Network Substance abuse/Mental Health benefits as well as third-party carriers and networks. If your carrier is not listed above, we will provide insurance verification upon request. At this time we are unable to accept Medicaid or Medicare.  Learn more about accepted insurance plans…