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An Interview with PBC State Attorney: Dave Aronberg
Thursday, July 06,2017 15:37

Early last week an opportunity presented itself for our Director of Admissions, Blake Cohen, to be able to interview the Palm Beach County State Attorney; Dave Aronberg. This opportunity arose just one week after the release of Megyn Kelly’s segment on the South Florida treatment industry that aired on national television. Blake’s interview with the […]

Carrie Fisher Autopsy Report: Positive for…
Monday, June 19,2017 19:27

Carrie Fisher, best known for her iconic portrayal of Star Wars’ Princess Leia, tragically passed away on December 27th, 2016. Her date of death was just four days after going into cardiac arrest on an airplane arriving at LAX from London. Fisher’s assistant, that was also on the plane with her, reported that she was […]

The Blame Game
Tuesday, June 13,2017 20:15

written by Blake Cohen, CAP Who’s to blame? That’s the question rolling off of everyone’s lips as we hit the halfway point in the year 2017’s record breaking opioid epidemic. By the way, this epidemic does not only belong to 2017; it is shared amongst 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 as well. So who’s […]

Ohio Files Lawsuit Against 5 Drug Companies For Aiding Opioid Crisis: Why Florida and Every Other State Need To Join The Fight
Thursday, June 01,2017 23:28

Written by Zachary Freedman Today marks a historical push towards the healing of our country as Ohio has officially launched a lawsuit against 5 major drug companies: Purdue, Endo Health Solutions, Teva, Johnson and Johnson, and Allergen. The lawsuit centers around Drug companies hiding and misleading figures in an attempt to minimize the addictive properties and […]

Receiving a 1-Star Review for Doing the Right Thing…
Monday, May 15,2017 22:40

Well, it would appear that doing the “right thing” has become the wrong thing in the topsy turvy world of South Florida Addiction Treatment Centers. Today, Evolutions Treatment Center’s perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews has been tainted by a 1-Star review. Did this person mention that they were unhappy with the services they received […]

Setting the Intention and Watching it Manifest
Thursday, May 11,2017 19:38

If you can’t visualize it than it will never come to be…” In almost every aspect of life, this saying rings true; the ability to visualize your goals is the very first step in breaking the barriers in your mind that prohibit growth and goal attainment. Working in the substance abuse treatment industry, I can […]