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Receiving a 1-Star Review for Doing the Right Thing…
Monday, May 15,2017 22:40

Well, it would appear that doing the “right thing” has become the wrong thing in the topsy turvy world of South Florida Addiction Treatment Centers. Today, Evolutions Treatment Center’s perfect 5-star rating on Google Reviews has been tainted by a 1-Star review. Did this person mention that they were unhappy with the services they received […]

Setting the Intention and Watching it Manifest
Thursday, May 11,2017 19:38

If you can’t visualize it than it will never come to be…” In almost every aspect of life, this saying rings true; the ability to visualize your goals is the very first step in breaking the barriers in your mind that prohibit growth and goal attainment. Working in the substance abuse treatment industry, I can […]

What it Means to Have a Psychic Change
Wednesday, April 26,2017 14:53

“Here and there, once in a while, alcoholics have had what are called vital spiritual experiences. To me the occurrences are phenomena. They appear to be in the nature of huge emotional displacements and rearrangements. Ideas, attitudes, and emotions which were once the guiding forces of the lives of these men are suddenly cast to […]

Relapse Prevention: H.A.L.T
Monday, April 24,2017 16:08

As human beings- addicts or not, we are driven mostly by our base instincts. It goes without saying that for many of us, the external world can feel pretty pressing at times. That is why it is so important for our sobriety to take care of ourselves, by always making sure that we have the […]

Triggers: Facing the Negatives and Creating the Positives
Tuesday, April 18,2017 15:26

by Zachary Freedman Within the recovery based community, the term “trigger” is commonly used to express a moment of distress when reminded of a person, place, or thing associated with drug use. At first glance, triggers are a simple enough concept, however, is a bit more complex under further investigation. The mind, in all its […]

Why Being Humble is SO Important to Sobriety
Monday, April 17,2017 17:55

It all ties together for us- the ego, the fear, and the control. These are the basic elements for all of our problems. As alcoholics and addicts, we have been living a life driven by the desire to control the world around us, to run on self-will. Once we work a program, we can come […]