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Natural “At-home” Supplements for Addiction Recovery
Tuesday, October 17,2017 10:14

While actively using many of us always wished we could just snap our fingers and suddenly we would be clean, sober, and happy. The truth of the matter is that recovery is not an event, though. Recovery from addiction is a journey. A process, if you will, that is on-going and is usually dependent on […]

Google Cracks Down On Shady Marketing Practices
Friday, September 15,2017 17:44

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of another victory in the substance abuse treatment industry’s war against unscrupulous marketing practices. According to a number of sources including an article released by the New York Times on Sept. 14, 2017, Google is going to begin restricting advertising services in regards to the addiction treatment industry. […]

An Interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky
Monday, August 21,2017 14:48

Early last month, the Admissions Director of our Fort Lauderdale Based Addiction Treatment Center, Blake Cohen had the opportunity to sit down with Television’s Dr. Drew Pinsky for an interview regarding the current State of Recovery. In this interview they discussed a number of topics ranging from why celebrities have so much trouble sustaining recovery […]

The Mindset that Breeds Success in Detox Treatment and Common Pitfalls That Can Lead To Relapse
Monday, August 14,2017 21:33

By Zachary Freedman Working in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, I have helped to usher in many patients and have also observed their progress, or lack thereof, throughout their treatment. The reasons why people come to treatment are all pretty much the same; they’re tired. They’re tired of running, they’re tired of lying, but most […]

An Interview with PBC State Attorney: Dave Aronberg
Thursday, July 06,2017 15:37

Early last week an opportunity presented itself for our Director of Admissions, Blake Cohen, to be able to interview the Palm Beach County State Attorney; Dave Aronberg. This opportunity arose just one week after the release of Megyn Kelly’s segment on the South Florida treatment industry that aired on national television. Blake’s interview with the […]

Carrie Fisher Autopsy Report: Positive for…
Monday, June 19,2017 19:27

Carrie Fisher, best known for her iconic portrayal of Star Wars’ Princess Leia, tragically passed away on December 27th, 2016. Her date of death was just four days after going into cardiac arrest on an airplane arriving at LAX from London. Fisher’s assistant, that was also on the plane with her, reported that she was […]